Meet Some Of Our Instructors

Passionate. Intelligent. Patient. Energetic. Skilled. Creative. The Greatest….

Just a few words that describe our amazing instructors. Not everyone can teach kids how to code, but we've handpicked our talented team because they can... and they make it fun!

Meet a few of the amazing individuals that can help your KidCodeIt!

KidCodeIt Instructor Picture

Scott C. | Boulder, CO

Scott got into coding in high school and now he’s a computer science major at CU Boulder. He thinks all students should learn code because it lets kids create something all their own and it’ll be a super useful skill to have in the future. On the weekends he likes to hit the slopes, and he’s on the CU Snowboarding team.

Heather D. | Boulder, CO

Heather is a Computer Science major at CU Boulder, and she first got interested in coding and engineering when her and her father built a computer when she was ten. She had a mentor who helped her start coding when she was 15, and she thinks programming is valuable because it teaches people strong problem solving skills.

KidCodeIt Instructor Picture
KidCodeIt Instructor Picture

Chase T. | Boulder, CO

Chase (his programmer friends call him Tron) is originally from Washington D.C. and went to CU Boulder for college. He’s always had an interest in computers, so he decided to go to an intensive six month computer programming school to learn code. In addition to asking him all your questions about programming, be sure to ask him how to drive a race car upside down!

Malinda M. | Boulder, CO

Malinda went to West Virginia University, and started coding about 5 years ago. She decided to learn on a whim because she was bored with her marketing job, and 7 months later she got her first job as a developer. She thinks coding is important to learn because it helps build confidence and opens up a new channel of creativity. Fun fact: Since she moved from her hometown in 2007, she’s lived in West Virginia, Atlanta, Breckenridge, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, and Alaska!

KidCodeIt Instructor Picture