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Teach with KidCodeIt and earn significant money as an independant contractor. We find great clients, handle your payments, and provide support to all of our instructors.

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KidCodeIt Benefits

Flexible Schedule

You decide when you are available to teach. Perfect for students or anyone with extra time in their schedule.

Mentor the Future

You know how exciting that first 'hello world' program is. Share your excitement with the next generation of programmers.

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Our instructors make great money just by teaching a few times per week. Build up a client base and set up weekly lessons.

Endless Possibilities

Each instructor has access to our structured curriculums teaching the basics of Python, Java, and web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Instructors can use our KidCodeIt curriculums to help teach or they can come up with lessons on their own. We want our instructors to keep our students interested and engaged so if the students wants to learn something specific that isnt written in the lesson plan, instructors can go off script and help they student learn what they want to know