Why KidCodeIt?

We strongly believe that computer programming languages are becoming more important for younger generations to learn. In Colorado, computer science is not yet integrated into the public education standards, and we've dedicated to providing a way to fill that gap and teach students computer programming from an early age. Some of the highest ranking and fastest growing jobs in America are in the tech industry, and learning how to code early on will set students far ahead of those who may not touch code until college.

Learn by doing!

Our project-based program allows kids to learn the fundamentals of coding while working on projects that also get their creative juices flowing.

Take it step-by-step

Students will not only gain skills that will help them excel among their peers, but they will also come away with confidence in their ability to learn and create awesome things. So whether your student knows absolutely nothing about code or is a seasoned programmer, we'll provide them with the foundation that will allow them to keep growing as a programmer.

K - 3rd Grade

We’ve partnered with Bitsbox to offer younger students the opportunity to get into programming with easily accessible tools and materials.

Novice Coder

Start with the basics of web design -- introducing text editors, HTML, CSS and later JavaScript

Code Ninja

Or guide them in learning more advanced computer programming languages -- like Java, C++, and Python.

Whether kids want to learn web design, game development, or app development, they will learn how to build an online portfolio of their projects that they can add to and share. They'll be able to experiment, learn, and take risks, and we know kids will be empowered by the success they have.

Immediate benefits

Increase their proficiency in typing, and strengthen math, logic, and problem solving skills – all while learning to flex those creative muscles.

One on one approach

Each student will receive personal mentorship and guidance from a professional in the field. Every child learns at a slightly different pace -- Students should feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes, and one on one lessons provide that safe learning environment.

All our instructors go through comprehensive background checks, and we do in-depth interviews with each instructor to make sure they are a good fit for our program. Learn more about our safety practices and hiring process

KidCodeIt was started to help kids explore everything that technology and computer programming has to offer. We are excited to help mentor and teach the next generation of innovative thinkers, and we hope to see your KidCodeIt.